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Racer Profile
The Lord Jesus, Moravia Motorcycles Inc., Dunlop, Twin Air, Factory Backing, Bohn Cycle, Engine Ice, Black Heart MX, Califlorida Apparel, SRH Productions, Torc1 racing, Point View Cycle, Pap and Grandma, Dad and Mom.
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 Event Finish Summary 
2011 AMA Amateur National Motocross - 8/6/2011 - Hurricane Mills, TN
 Class   Number   Brand   Moto 1   Moto 2   Moto 3   Class Finish     
 21. 65 (10-11) Stock   #28  KTM   30th   31st   28th   31st     
 22. 65 (7-11) Modified   #28  KTM   35th   28th   31st   36th     
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